Welcome to Meat Restaurant “Matsumura!”
We specialize in dishes using special Japanese Kuroge Wagyu Black Beef, Matsuzaka Beef from Toba, Mie Prefecture.

We are committed to providing the best quality meats.

My first encounter with “Matsuzaka Beef” was the Sukiyaki that I ate at a welcoming party held at the company I worked at when I was 18.

I thought, “this meat is so delicious,” and I was so enthralled that I thought, “I want to train at a meat restaurant at the source in Matsuzaka.”

So when I was 18, I began training at the long-established meat restaurant where we had the welcome party. After spending more than a decade training there and learning all there is to know about distinguishing the quality of meat, I opened this restaurant, “Meat Restaurant Matsumura” so that the people of my hometown, Toba, could know the deliciousness of authentic Matsuzaka Beef. This was when I was 35 years old.

Toba is famous for having good seafood, even out of all the places in Mie Prefecture. This is why I wanted to bring delicious meat to this area and provide it at a reasonable price, and this is why I am here right now.Using my connections with suppliers I worked with since my training years, I am able to have fresh Matsuzaka Beef and other high-quality Japanese Kuro Wagyu Black Beef delivered directly to my restaurant daily. You cannot really tell the quality of the meat until you cut it, so there are times when after cutting the meat I return it.

Please enjoy our dishes using exquisite meat that has been carefully selected by eyes that have 40 years of experience.

Matsumura (Owner)

Secret tare sauce made using a blend of more than 10 ingredients with tamari soy sauce as a base.
Our special tare sauce has been matured for 3 months.

The exquisite filet meat for charcoal grilling is meat that you can only find in one out of dozens of cows. And from a cow weighing more than 500kg, only about 7 to 8kg of prime filet can be cut out. We take the most delicious part of the prime filet, cutting and removing the fat and tendons, and end up with only about 4kg of special and rare meat that is served to our customers.

Matsuzaka Beef loin marbled beef for Sukiyaki is exquisite loin from cows that were raised in the region filled with nature that is designated for raising Matsuzaka Beef. These cows are raised carefully with love and attention, being fed beer and massaged with shochu.

Matsuzaka Beef Filet Charcoal Grill

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