Welcome to Meat Restaurant “Matsumura!”
We specialize in dishes using special Japanese Kuroge Wagyu Black Beef, Matsuzaka Beef from Toba, Mie Prefecture.
Here is an introduction to the cooking method used for sukiyaki at Matsumura. The flavoring is Kansai-style using only sugar and soy sauce.

Specialty restaurant serving high-grade Japanese Kuro Wagyu Black Beef including Matsuzaka Beef

“Matsumura” trained at a long-established meat restaurant that serves Matsuzaka beef and thoroughly learned how to tell good meat from bad. This restaurant was opened to give the locals in Toba a chance to enjoy the deliciousness of Matsuzaka beef. Here you can enjoy the highest-quality marbled beef in sukiyaki, grills, shabu-shabu, and steaks at a reasonable price. Using connections made during the years of training, we have high-quality Japanese Kuro Wagyu Black Beef including fresh Matsuzaka beef delivered directly to the restaurant. We hope many people will enjoy the “amazing experience when taking your first bite.”
These Japanese-style rooms with a view of the verdant garden are perfect for enjoying the finest dishes.

Gaze at the garden and slowly enjoy various meat dishes.Not only your stomach, but also your heart will be filled with happiness.
Add a moment of indulgence to your travels…
Matsuzaka Beef Lunch

Extravagant lunch of the highest-grade Matsuzaka Beef For people who wish to eat delicious Matsuzaka Beef…
◆Steak-style Ojyu Box Meal ¥3,900
With salad, Akadashi soup, pickles, and dessert
※We do not accept credit cards.
Neighboring sister branch Italian restaurant
Hamburg steak made from 100% marbled beef
Hamburg steak made using choice meat purchased by Meat Restaurant Matsumura.

The pasta using locally sourced seafood is also very popular!

Meat Restaurant Matsumura
20-4 OakiHigashimachi, Toba, Mie, Japan
Phone: +81-599-25-2515

Business hours
11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Last order: 2 p.m.)
5 p.m. to 9 p.m. (Last order: 8 p.m.)
Closed: Wednesdays
Parking: 15 spaces

This restaurant has a backdrop of the quiet nature of Toba. Please enjoy delicious meat in our Japanese-style rooms with a view of our Japanese garden.
Hostess: Keiko

Received Mie Prefecture Governor’s Award

We received the Mie Prefecture Governor’s Award as an “Excellent Food Sanitation Facility” from the Mie Prefecture Food Association.


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