・Chilled pasta with basil and tomato
 Limited to summer season
・Squid ink pasta
 Pasta with garlic and red peppers
・Japanese-style pasta
 Pasta with tuna and mountain vegetables
・Eggplant and bacon tomato sauce pasta
 Pasta with a mild tomato sauce
・Salmon and asparagus cream sauce pasta
 We use fresh salmon.
 Pasta with asari clams
 Pasta with seafood and light tomato sauce
 Crispy bacon
・Oyster cream pasta
・Seafood Pilaf
・Seafood Doria (Rice gratin)
・Seafood Potato Gratin
・Oyster Doria (Rice gratin) (Winter)
・Oyster Gratin (Winter)
・Oyster Curry Doria (Rice gratin)
・Omurice (Omelet with rice filling)
New menu
・Gyudon beef bowl

・French bread pizza
・Mixed pizza
 Pizza with tomato sauce
・Basil and tomato pizza
 Homemade basil and fresh tomatoes
・Egg Mayo Pizza
 Pizza with egg and mayonnaise topping
・Pizza with white sauce
Hamburg steak

・Hamburg steak
・Cheese Hamburg steak
・Cheese tomato Hamburg steak

・Sirloin steak
・Homemade smoked salmon
・Beef carpaccio
 Thinly flattened meat topped with cheese and grilled
・Asari clams steamed with wine
Authentic Italian Parma ham (Prosciutto)
・Steak sandwich
・Caesar salad
・Raw vegetable salad
・Mini salad (ala carte)
・Rice (large serving)
・Garlic toast
・Rice or bread and mini salad set
・Coffee for all customers ordering meals

For Dinners only PastaSet
・Pasta + 500 yen
 Bread (Garlic toast)
 Mini salad


・Aosa (sea lettuce) ice cream
・Ice cream
Espresso and vanilla ice cream
Soft drinks
・Coca Cola
・Ginger ale
・Orange juice
・Grapefruit juice
・Oolong tea
・Iced Mocha
・Tea (Earl Grey)
 Lemon or milk
Alcoholic beverages
・Glass wines
 Red or white (We also have sweet wine)
・Red wine full bottle
・White wine full bottle
・Sparkling wine (white)
 Full bottle
 Half bottle
・CALL Cali
 Pineapple flavored beer that is like juice!
・Draft beer
・Corona beer

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